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How are they so awesome?
A Community for David and Kate Hewlett
Fun Holiday Weekend! 
6th-Jul-2009 08:19 am
DH is Awesome
David had a wonderful time at the Point Roberts parade as Grand Marshall and fans had a wonderful time meeting him :)

Dressing up for 4th of july parade in Point Roberts, Jane as Weir, Baz as McKay and I ladies, will be going as John Sheppard!--David Twitter

No, really, he did!

And before the parade, shaddyr tried to spell her name for him...and that turned out fun ;)

@shaddyr why do have to be so difficult?!--David Hewlett Twitter

@dhewlett That's a silly question. Being difficult is a gift. It's part of my natural charm. *smirk*--Shaddyr's Response

There is...video evidence of later difficult times ;) at shaddyr's journal.

July 4th a great success! Thanks to all of the Atlantis fans for showing up & parading along with us...party at lighthouse park!--David's Twitter

The rest of the weekend was just as fun!

Sushi with Philip & Piers...three more reasons to be happily home...Baz not a wasabi fan...weird!?--David Twitter 1

Watching fireworks from our deck at the Point... they go all down the coast! Baz wants to party... Mars just terrified ;-)--David Twitter 2

Watching Baz eating porridge with his hands and preparing kite flying at low tide!--David Twitter 3

Roddick and Federer! Wow! This is exhausting!--David Twitter 4

Federer is the Bond of tennis! Roddick is like Jason Bourne…fantastic stuff!--David Twitter 5

To the beach! It's like an army exercise?!--David Twitter 6

Thanks to mercury973 for the pics. Be sure to check out both her posts for more pictures!
(Deleted comment)
7th-Jul-2009 03:48 am (UTC)
Jane's always a good sport :) Props to her!
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